Hello guys!!!!!

This time, I bring my weekend story about 24 hours in Kuala Lumpur yayyyyy 😆😆😆

First, I would like to tell you that this trip is really unplanned (as usual). I just talked to my bff on our way to home after office about what we would like to do in weekend and… it just happened 😆😆😆 We booked the flight ticket to Kuala Lumpur two days before the day on Traveloka 😁 It spent about 1800k rupiah for the return tickets per person.

Sooo, we took off by Air Asia at 1.30 am and arrived about 5.00 am (KL time). Actually we already arranged a spontaneous itinerary but the execussion might not be same 😆

We bought KL Express ticket about RM 100 (return). It’s a railway ticket which drove us from KLIA 2 Airport to center of KL. It took about 30 minutes to Sentral KL station.

Actually, we would like to go to National Museum which is near from the Sentral Station but we did not find it unfortunately. So, we continued the itinerary to Sri Mariamman Temple in Pasar Seni.

We arrived at Pasar Seni Station by MRT which took RM 1.20 (one way). The temple is only one block from the station. It is really instagramable place with unique design. I took some photos there but I did not enter the temple.

After visited the temple, we almost had no idea what to do because we were still sad about not finding the National Museum until finally we found a helper……. GOKL (Free Service Bus) 😆😆😆

Actually it was not our first time to KL but the first time we visited was with a tour so we dont know how to explore KL by public transportation even we dont know what the good places to visit. GOKL really helps us. And the most i love, it is FREE!!!

Sooo finally we decided to go to Pavillion KL by the Purple Line of GOKL. It was a really nice place to shop yayyy it has many luxury shops and also hipster style shops like HnM, Zara, Pull & Bear, and many more. It also has good background to take a cool photo like this 😍😙

After bought some things we decided to had a lunch in Mcd because we always want to know the junk food restaurant taste in different countries 😅 Then we continued taking a GOKL with the different line to sight seeing KL until we stoped at Suria KLCC.

We spent the noon at the Suria KLCC mall to shop some make up and took a photo like mainstream tourist with The Twin Tower as the background. So touristy 😆

In the evening, we were back to Stasiun Pasar Seni to touch down the Petaling Street and Central Market. It is a place to shop merchendise of KL with cheap price. We bought like chocolate, KL t-shirts, and some snacks.

After our hands were already full with the shopping bags, we went back to airport. We enjoyed the korean food for dinner there.

Yeah, i thought it was really tiring trip 😅 I recommend you to prepare your body because I did it after had have a lot of works at office so I was so really tired. But it was so fuuun!!! I have no regret to spend 1800k rupiah for this 24 hours escape 😊😊😊

Hope this trip gives an inspiration to spend your weekend. See you on another weekend escape trip!!! 😘😘😘

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